Professional Tree Service in Deltona, FL

Trees are Mother Nature’s masterpieces and their beauty cannot go unnoticed. However, to maintain their healthy and majestic appearance they require tree maintenance from a professional tree service.  At Hopton’s Tree Service we provide homes and businesses in Deltona, FL with a full complement of professional tree services. Our tree services include tree trimming, tree removal and stump grinding.

One common concern of homeowners in Deltona and Sanford is if it is normal for a tree to lean. Although it’s normal for a tree to lean in the direction of the sun, it can also indicate a more serious problem that may result in the tree eventually toppling over. So if you are concerned about one or more trees at your home or business in the Deltona, Sanford or surrounding areas, please contact our tree service as soon as possible. Our trained specialists may be able to save your tree! As the tree grows, overgrown branches can cause the tree to lean until it finally falls over collapsing under its own weight. In many cases, all that is required is professional tree trimming and pruning.

Also, the roots of a tree can tell you a lot about its health. Roots that are decaying or seem damaged means the tree is deteriorating. Of course, a tree whose roots are unstable lacks the structural support, and may fall over at any time. Another critical factor is cavities and cracks in the tree’s trunk. This may indicate that it’s structurally unsound and potentially dangerous. We can determine if the trunk is at risk for rotting, pest infestation or disease.

Without a periodic tree maintenance service, branches can become infected and diseased. If these branches are not removed in time, the disease can spread throughout and ultimately kill the tree.  When this occurs, sadly the tree will need to be removed before it can fall and cause injuries and property damage.

After a tree removal service, a stump often remains behind. And we all know how unsightly stumps can become. Therefore, it’s advisable that it be removed using a stump grinding process. Our licensed and insured personnel have the right equipment to grind down stumps with minimal effort whether they are big or small stumps without damaging your property or tainting its beautiful looks.  

To schedule a tree maintenance service for your home or business in Deltona, contact us at 386-215-3339 today! Licensed and insured.